There are 2 types of people you see when a new year begins, those who put down resolutions and those who don’t. Some people feel the need to accomplish something every New Year thus they put down their plans. Some just drift into the New Year and hope for the best.

Those who plan don’t always get what they put down as resolutions and those who don’t plan sometimes have things going well for them by chance . I don’t know which one you are but I believe on focusing on the fundamentals that everyone should introspect on at the beginning of every year.

The reason we celebrate the new year is because it gives us a chance to reset on all the wrongs we did and start off on a fresh page. The basic fundamentals I listed below are supposed to guide us to achieve growth in 5 areas of our life.

Personal Finances

How did you spend your money in 2016?, For some people, last year was not the easiest year financially. Expenses that led to money running out fast increased, some made bad financial decisions and some people lost quite a great deal of money. On the other hand, some also made great investments that paid good returns and some people become financially literate.

As this New Year starts, the first thing anyone should do is reflect on the good and bad financial mistakes they made. The worst case scenario is repeating bad mistakes in a new year. To get ahead financially one has to get ahead mentally in understanding how they made good choices and improve on them and how bad choices came about last year to avoid repeat errors in judgement.

Hold yourself accountable for every cent you spend and have a smarter plan for your money this year. Focus on how to gain more than last year through multiple streams of income if possible, how to spend it wisely, save it and invest it for better growth.


Did you associate with people who helped you progress last year?. Our circles are important and for us to move forward in life we need to have the right people around us. Family, friends, partners and all other social groups we interact with have a part they play in our mental well-being.

Some relationships are toxic and some are healthy. To start on a positive note, one should focus on building healthy relationships that build us and avoid those that are draining. It could be a spiritual relationship with God, family, friends or a partner, focus on improving your relationships than the previous year.

Detach yourself from relationships that negatively affect your state of being. The end result of bad relationships is they will destroy you or stunt your growth and leave you in the same position as last year and that leads to misery.


They say health is wealth, did you make health conscious decisions last year?. The subject of health is so broad, spanning from sexual health, physical health, mental health etc. As this year starts, focus on making better health decisions than last year.

Your health plays a huge role in what you are able to do so watch what you consume physically and mentally.

Career and Business

What would you like to change in your career or business that you didn’t get to do last year?. As the year begins, it presents an opportunity to improve or change one’s career path. It also provides those in business to try better business strategy moving forward.

Whether you are unemployed, employed or an employee, what can you do to gain an income whilst doing what you love?.

Some people don’t do what they love but because they need to that paycheck they do it anyways. The New Year presents you with an opportunity to introspect and have a better plan so that you work towards doing what you actually love.

Personal Growth

We should all focus on personal development. For me, focusing on personal development is like a constant software update. It’s aim is to give you mental upgrades that help you go beyond your current threshold of knowledge. What would you like to improve about yourself that you couldn’t do last year?.

Pursuing personal development makes you ask a lot of ‘Hows’, how to learn a new skill, how to make smarter decisions, how to be more productive etc. Personal development will help you to better understand yourself, your abilities and shortfalls.

9 days have passed so far, each day counts, we all want to make the most of this year and the time to act is now.

Whether you write your goals down, plan your resolutions in your head or you cross your fingers and wish for a better year, for this year pay close attention to these 5.

I believe if you focus on improving these areas on a personal level you can have a better year than the previous one.

Do you agree?, what are you planning to do this year that’s different from last year?, leave a comment below.

Jim Rohn says, “Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well”.