Happy.jpgSo last year on our closing event at work, I had a great discussion with my boss that I would like to reflect on. Being the curious and inquisitive guy I am, I wanted to know why he had started the business venture I’m responsible for.

The reason I asked, was because the consultancy work he put on hold has a lower input but higher returns than the current venture. His answer was short and simple, ‘passion’. Through our discussion, I got to learn a few things that I want to share in this article.

Doing what you love

As I mentioned, the consultancy jobs paid more but he chose to leave them for his passion. Just the mention of this project to anyone new makes him light up to explain what it’s about. On the contrary, most people don’t do what makes them happy. It even goes to the extent of making them miserable or uncomfortable to tell other people what they do.

If your job, business, life doesn’t make you excited or interested in telling other people about it then take some time to ask yourself why?. Why don’t you get roused to tell other people about yourself or what you do?.

Willingness to commit

As we discussed more, he mentioned that by all means he believed in the project and his heart, soul and mind revolve around it. One way or the other it is bound to come out right. This made ask myself, “How many of us come to a point where our passion or something we are working on becomes our everyday life?’’.

Most of us can’t follow through on anything. We do things because it’s the only option available at the time and because we need the pay check at the end of the month. When it comes to commitment, we simply don’t commit. We are quick to let things go easily if they are not going our way. We end up trying different things and never fully committing to one.

It has taken him 3 years of product development and experiments of testing what works with no revenue generation but just dedication to what one believes in.

Relating it back to my situation, when I started planning on my writing, I gave myself a one article per week challenge for 104 weeks which is 2 years. I’m at 19 now and if I don’t make it to 104 then I’m not committed enough to follow through all the way.

Being an instrument of service

He mentioned how his passion for this project was more about empowering the disadvantaged person to be self-sustainable. As technological advancements have transformed the way we do things, it doesn’t serve the needs of everyone. Not everyone is techno-savvy and neglecting those who are not doesn’t serve the needs of society as a whole and that’s where his niche lays.

In this context, I got the idea that we all should be instruments of service to people or the  societies we live in. The goal should be for every individual to add value through their ideas, talents, businesses and acts to help us connect in this global community.

Through our different capacities, we should all contribute something to advance, empower and develop the communities we reside in. For this to happen we should look beyond individual gain.

What role are you playing as an instrument of service to society?.

Money should not be the end goal

For him, it’s not about the money. Yes, money is needed to run any business but it shouldn’t be the main focus. His idea is on creating a sustainable business model that has a positive impact and aims to transform people’s lives.

I have realised that most people focus on money. Rarely, people ask themselves if they are happy doing they are doing. Sometimes we do know that what we are doing makes us unhappy but we do it anyways.

Would you do what generates your income right now for free?, without complaint or procrastination?. If your answer is yes, my friend you are one of the few people out there.

Sometimes life has to be more than how much you make out of something. Although we need money to go about life, money shouldn’t be the be all and end all of life. Our need for happiness and fulfilment should far exceed our need for money but most of the times it does.

I now understand that money is not the end goal but just a means to an end. Its role is to afford us what we want in life but joy and fulfilment come if we acquire it through doing what actually enjoy.

If you are paid for doing what you love, you are bound to do more than what’s required of you. The focus becomes on personal satisfaction and achievements that come along more than the pay check attached to it.

I believe that doing what you enjoy plays a bigger part in living a happy and fulfilling life. As this year is starting, find it in yourself to work more towards what you love. Be it a hobby, a career choice, a business idea or a lifestyle, find a way of living life on your own terms.

The Art of war says, “Therefore the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him”.