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Most people talk about success in the light of material possessions. We have been sold the idea that if you drive a nice car, have a big house and a huge bank balance then you are successful. This has given the rest of society a wrong impression on success and it restricts it to a limited number of people who get to achieve “societal standard type of success”.

I have chosen to share my understanding of success that I think is more realistic to me and not false societal ideas.

For me, success is an end product of following 3 steps on a daily basis over a long period of time. Success has nothing to do with money or possessions, these just come as complimentary benefits.

Money doesn’t define how successful one is, money is not the end goal, money is only a means to an end. The goal shouldn’t be to have a lot of money, a fancy house and car. When you look at over achievers in life and the world’s richest people, they didn’t set out to be richest people in the world.

Their goal was to be the best and consistent at something that brought them fulfilment and freedom while doing what they love. It’s only us who are sold the opposite idea in society and that’s why most of us might never get it right.

Success is achieving what you said you said you were aiming for. It’s more about the process that one goes through alone more than the events that appeal to people and are celebrated. As long as you meet your goal then you know what it feels to be successful at something.

Know thyself

Success has a lot to do with psychology rather than possessions. It’s about being confident in yourself to set a goal, being disciplined enough to start and believing that you can nail it. Most people do plan what they want and it’s very plausible that we all wish the best for ourselves. However, they lack willpower and prefer dreaming about it more than attempting to go after it. Believe in yourself and go after what you want.


The second step is changing our habits. We all know that if we want different results we have to do something different. Create new habits that are aligned to what you want to do. New habits don’t always have to be hard, you can always start small.

When I started planning on being health conscious the first thing I did was getting in the habit of drinking water, 500mls every morning. I started sleeping with a water bottle every evening. Since it was next to my phone, I would drink it when my alarm rang till it becomes natural to drink water every morning.

I then switched my daily target to 2L every day at scheduled times of the day. I introduced eating an apple every day before I leaving for work and for this year I have cut out all fizzy drinks and replaced them with fruit juices.

Obviously, we have different things we want to start doing in our lives and my example might not make sense to you. The major key here is to introduce good habits every day, starting small so that you get used to them then scale up to challenge yourself. Don’t burn your steam by expecting change overnight, it comes gradually.

Have willpower and a strategy

The third important thing is consistency and discipline. To say you want to achieve a goal is one thing, to create new habits is another but to follow through on those habits and have self-control is next level stuff. Over 50% of the people who set their goals for the year have stopped and gone back to their comfort zones because they lack willpower and consistency.

This is where strategy comes in, you need to have a solid strategy that you stick to. I don’t believe that success on anything happens haphazardly, you don’t just stumble on success. There has to be a plan one follows all the way or at least for a particular period before deciding to improvise on it or changing it all completely.

As I once mentioned, most of the things we want to do have been done before. All the information we want is out there in books, videos and people. All we have to do is copy and paste or copy and personalise to our own preferences.

When I started thinking about writing I didn’t know what I was going to write about, where  I was going to write and for how long to actually know if this was something I wanted to pursue for a long time. It took a few days of research to come up with the name martinonlife, develop a particular theme that I maintain in all my articles and challenging myself to write once every week for 2 years.

Having a strategy to follow is simple, if you want to be a good write, be around other writers, if you want to be financially literate look for material on financial literacy, starting a business, look for people who are doing it already.

It’s simple to get someone who has experienced what you want to achieve, what’s not easy is being disciplined and sticking to your cause till you achieve your goal and that’s where the majority fail. If you can’t get the process right, you can’t reach the goal.

Finally, when all is said and done success is not what someone says about your achievement, big or small goals, success is what you tell yourself in truth after you accomplish them.

I believe if you can be able to achieve a small goal having discipline and consistency you are able to set bigger goals and achieve them. The process doesn’t change it’s only the magnitude that’s different.

The Art of Wars says, “The consummate leader cultivates the moral law and strictly adheres to method and discipline, thus it is in his power to control success”.