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Since the beginning of the year, I have been working on something that has proved to not be as easy as I thought it would. At one point when everything didn’t make sense, I felt like a failure and I told myself that maybe it wasn’t meant for me. It’s in times like these that I write to motivate my inner self and if it strikes a positive chord in you then great.

Have you ever been in those moments when you tell yourself that something isn’t meant for you?. It could be school, learning a new skill, a job or anything that requires you to go outside of your comfort zone in order to learn how it’s done.

I realised that many of the times I told myself that something wasn’t meant for me was because I didn’t want to accept that I had to endure the struggle as a learning process before I could master the skill.

This is something very common to most of us, we are quick to say something isn’t meant for us after a couple of failed attempts. We, however, fail to take time and be honest with ourselves in these situations where something “isn’t meant for us” to ask exactly “why” it isn’t meant for us and this is a necessary tool to cultivate.

The truth is this, 95% of the time when people say “something isn’t for me”, what they are really saying to themselves is that “I’m not willing to do the work required and I want something easier.” If that’s the case then success in anything is not meant for you either.

If someone wanted to run a marathon but every time they got frustrated, tired, whined or bored they turned around and went back to the starting line, would they ever complete the goal of running a marathon? of cause not.

Life goals are exactly like that. Nothing GREAT is given, it’s EARNED. It’s built by your dreams, thoughts, focus and ACTIONS.

When a child is learning how to walk, he will fall 50 times but he will never think to himself that, “maybe this isn’t for me”. My sister’s child is learning how to read, she will ask you each and every word over and over again till it gets monotonous but eventually, she will get it right.

The factor that almost always separates those who succeed and those that don’t is how many challenges, obstacles and hardships they are willing to go through without quitting.

In my personal journey, I have gotten frustrated so many times, I still do and I sometimes feel like quitting and trying something else that’s easier. Maybe you feel the same with your situation, whatever yours is.

I realised, through talking to other people who go through real challenges far more than mine that, it’s normal and it’s supposed to be that way. We have different situations, different capacities and different objectives but it’s hard for everyone. Challenges are not exclusive and no one should be arrogant to think that they are the only ones who struggle and fight through to achieve anything.

The struggle is part of the recipe. You have to keep moving in the face of adversity because that’s where character is built and within that lays growth.

Every success has a story and these challenges will be your success story. You have to be a professional optimist in your situation to get the outcome you require.

Every day you should wake up positive and ready to go kick ass. When you win embrace victory, if you fail, introspect and amend, it’s part of the learning curve.

You can lose a few battles but never the war because life is war and you can’t afford to lose that.