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Are You Doing What Makes You Happy?

So last year on our closing event at work, I had a great discussion with my boss that I would like to reflect on. Being the curious and inquisitive guy I am, I wanted to know why he had started... Continue Reading →


The 5 Basic Fundamentals To Get Right In 2017

There are 2 types of people you see when a new year begins, those who put down resolutions and those who don’t. Some people feel the need to accomplish something every New Year thus they put down their plans. Some... Continue Reading →

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Be the change you want to see…. -

Are You Drifting In Life ?

As a student of life, I believe that one has to be very observant of their habits and also the habits of others to learn from them and see where they can constantly improve on. I also believe that everyone’s... Continue Reading →

Thoughts On A Hustler’s Bible by Gayton McKenzie

I went looking for a book called Trapped by Gayton McKenzie I couldn’t find it, however, I found A Hustler’s Bible which I had been searching for a very long time. Before I even start reading it, I feel like... Continue Reading →

Taking Control Of What’s Important

I have been reading Joe Cookie’s book called Jolt and it’s a very interesting read on change. Personal change or organizational change, it all begin with an individual and it’s a great book to help understand what change entails. One... Continue Reading →

Know Yourself

This week I came across some interesting psychological views on people that I didn’t know. They were some interesting ones that stood out for me about human needs by Tony Robbins. We, humans, are different in race, gender, age, and... Continue Reading →

Growth Vs Comfort

Last week I was presented with an opportunity for growth. The opportunity, however, comes at a catapulting effect, setting me back a bit and it very much takes me out of my comfort zone. I debated with myself asking if... Continue Reading →

Nothing Changes Unless You Change

As a student of life, one of the things I have had to deal with is change. Last week I was faced with a situation that required a change in one area of my life and I ended up having... Continue Reading →

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